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Chiromancy is the art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palmistry, palm-reading, or hand analysis.

Three lines are the most important: the heart line, the head line and the life line.

  • The heart line (3) shows a person’s love life.
  • The head line (2)  represents the way a person thinks and acts.
  • The life line (1) should give hints to how  long a person is going to live.
  • The fate, or fortune line (7) relates to  the person’s successes and obstacles.

There are actually many elements that are involved in the reading of hands. Apart from the knowledge of the meaning of lines, a true “palm reader” has also the ability to “look into” the person, understanding him/her also on an empathic level.

We are of course NOT going to start a course on chiromancy ;-), only have a look at some general rules that the reading of hands involve:

– unbroken and well drawn lines have usually  a very positive quality. If the lines are broken or show waves, the person is indecisive.

– a hand with many lines indicates a nervous type, while a hand with a few lines indicates a person who is calm and leads a simple life.

– if the head line is curved, this means that the person is very creative and uses lots of imagination.

– an ability to write can be spotted from a fork at the end of the head line, called “the Writer’s Fork”. How many of you have got it? 🙂

– if your life line is short, don’t worry: this doesn’t mean that your life will be short! 🙂 It can mean, for example, that you have not yet made the right decision in your life. On the contrary, a long life line belongs to a person who has much energy and who has a clear idea of  what to do in life.

– as far as the line of fate is concerned, the line can be present and very evident (the person has his life “in his hands”), or it can be short or absent (the person still has to make a lot of decisions in his/her life).


6 thoughts on “Chiromancy

  1. I’ve got the Writer’s Fork! 🙂 My line of fate says I still have to make a lot of decisons in my life and my hand lines tell I’m indecisive (these two things are true for me)…

  2. I also have got the Writer’s Fork, but i have it on my hand, because i’m hopeless at writing! My head line is very straight, in fact i don’t use my imagination very much.

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