did you know?

How many do you know?

The following are the most common divination methods still used today. There are many sites on the Internet that provide “free readings” in one or simultaneously more of them. However, be very careful when you visit them. Some sites may be “tricky”. 🙂

Astrology foretells the future  studying celestial bodies. Future is told according to the movement and position of the planets and sun in our solar system.

Stichomancy is a divination method by which the “answer”  to the question concerning the future is found on extracts from different books opened at “random”.

Cartomancy is a divination method that employs cards, in particular Tarot sets of cards. It uses different layouts of the cards to concentrate on  some aspects of the future in particular.

Chiromancy is probably one of the oldest and most fascinating divination methods. It is the “reading” of the palms of someone’s hands.

I Ching is a very old Chinese divination method that interprets  the different combinations of sticks or coins after they have been tossed.

Runecasting dates back to the beginning of history in northern Europe: it is the reading of the Runic alphabet, usually carved on stones or bones. The combination of letters gives insight into the future.

Crystal gazing is tha ability to “see” the future looking into a crystal sphere. This is the most classical “image” of divination.

Tasseomancy is the ability to read, i.e. to interpret, the different shapes left by tea leaves or coffee grounds  in a cup after a person has drunk from it.

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