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The future in a book

While it can be true that your future (job, position) may be in the books you are currently reading/studying, you can use books – even school books if you want to!- to practise another form of divination!

Actually, there are different types of divination from books. The first was probably “bibliomancy” (from biblio- “books” or the “Bible” and -mancy “divination”) “, that is “divination from the Bible”, which sounded rather appropriate, as the Bible represented “the word of God” for many people; but also “stichomancy” (from sticho- “line, verse” and “mancy”) is very old as a form of divination by verse, in this case no longer from the Bible but from books taken at random from one’s bookshelf. In Medieval times epic poems such as the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid were mostly used.

This type of divination is not difficult at all. You simply have to pick a book which you think may “hold truth”. (So no Mickey Mouse collection! 😉 ). Concentrate on the question you want to pose. Then hold the book on your knees or put it  on a table and let it fall open. Do NOT look at the words written on the page!!! Just close your eyes and point at a passage.

Well, THAT passage will contain the answer to your question!!! 🙂

Have a try and let me know…


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