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Runes and Rune reading

The Runes (the word comes from the Anglo-Saxon and means “mystery”)  are 24 letters of an ancient alphabet used by Germanic people in the north of Europe. Some of you may also remember that the Celts used the Ogham alphabet, which was somehow similar to Runes. There are many types of Rune alphabets, each of which has a different name.

How were Runes used for divination?

They were tossed and each of them was read and interpreted according to its name, the symbol it represented and at last a meaning was given to each.

The runes are laid out according to particular “spreads”, for example in the form of a cross, of a fork, or the one called “The Three Norns”,  in which there are three runes that symbolize the past, present and future.

More information on Runes can be found at this very interesting website: or just click on the image below – borrowed from the website – to get there.

Should you prefer a Rune reading click HERE.


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