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Tarot reading

The word “tarot refers to  a divination method that employs cards. These cards were originally used to play card games throughout Europe, and only later started to be used for divination.

Maybe the fact that most Tarot cards can be read as symbols has favoured their use in divination. You have surely heard about Tarot cards like the Fool, the Tower, The Wheel of Fortune, the Magician, Strength, the Hermit, the Emperor (and the Empress), the Lovers, the Hanged Man, Death, just to name some.

The way in which Tarots are read can vary: there are different “decks” or “spreads” (cards layout) to choose from, and also different card designs. But only an experienced Tarot reader can do it for you. 😉

Would you like to have a Tarot Reading done for you? 😉


2 thoughts on “Tarot reading

  1. I’m a bit inquisitive and i think that these divinations are funny, but i prefer to know information about my life while living it; otherwise, what sense would life have if we already knew what is going to happen (if somebody ever believes in them)?!

  2. I agree with Sara… and I also think that we have to live every day as if it is going to be the last, not worrying so much about future events ! Life is painful but at the same time exciting because we don’t know what the night is preparing for us the following day! 😉

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