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Tasseomancy, or the art of reading tea leaves

Reading tea leaves is a very creative and intuitive form of divination, just like chiromancy, for which it is not necessary to posses “the Sight”: study and practise will do 😉

As tea originated from China, it is very likely that tasseomancy began there and then spread throughout the world.

The following is a link to a video that will explain very clearly HOW TO start learning to read tea leaves:

Are you ready for some more symbols for your tea leaf reading? Here’s a shortened list from what I found on the net 😉

If you see an airplane, and it is not broken, a tree or a hat, this can mean improving your career. An apple, a ladder mean that you will obtain something. Birds, an open book and letters mean good news. Wings mean messages. A chain or a ring mean a wedding, or an engagement, while a circle with dots means a baby is arriving. With a clock better health is arriving, while one or more clouds mean problems. A cat is a false friend, a comb or a snake an enemy, a knife a broken friendship, while a dog is a good friend. If you see a coin, or a duck, then money is coming (hooray!), a cup is a reward, a dish means problems at home. A cross is sacrifice. A fish, a horseshoe, a shoe are good fortune, an egg, a house or a leaf a positive event or change in life. A forked line means you have to make a decision. An eye, an octopus, a pistol, a question mark and a flag are warnings (pay attention!). Straight lines mean success, curved lines uncertainty. Mountains stand for difficulties, umbrellas for annoyances,  a kite a wish come true. A mushroom, a tent or a ship mean a journey. Scissors and swords mean arguing with someone. A triangle will bring unexpected events, fruit will bring prosperity. If you see a vase then a friend needs your help. If you recognize a boat a friend will come to visit you. Emotions can be expressed by guns (anger), hearts (love), stars and the sun (happiness), towers (disappointment). A spoon represents generosity, a door a strange event.

Let’s have a cup of tea then!!!

Now why don’t you let us know if you actually succeeded in reading you tea leaves? What symbols did you recognize in your cup? 😉

5 thoughts on “Tasseomancy, or the art of reading tea leaves

  1. I’ve never heard talking about this topic…unfortunately i don’t believe in it but I think that it is anyway a kind of “art” and i respect the ideas of who believes in it…it is funny to discover new things… Maybe next time i will have a look at my cup after drinking my tea!! Eh eh..:)

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