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The Crystal Ball

Probably no other divination method has become more stereotyped than Crystal Ball reading, year after year after year :-).

The reading of a crystal ball is very often seen  in old films, presenting surrealistic situations in which a gipsy woman foretells the future to a skeptic protagonist, usually a man, until towards the end of the film the woman’s predictions come out to be true. Nevertheless we as viewers are often left with a sensation of mistrust or disbelief in this form of divination, mainly because you have the feeling that “there is nothing to see”  in the crystal ball, while, for example, in the case of chiromancy a person can actually “see” the lines on the hand that the other person is interpreting.

Very likely, in crystal ball reading very much is left to the viewer’s “gift” of Sight, just like the oracles in the past.


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