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According to the dictionary, superstition is “a belief or fear in things that are irrational“, like when for example we do not walk under a ladder because we are convinced that it will bring “bad luck” to us, or when we find a four-leaved clover and are happy about it because it is a sign of “good luck”.

That’s all it is about, then, “superstition”: “good luck” and “bad luck“.

If you know exactly what to do to avoid bad luck, you will be incredibly lucky in your life, have lots of money, find the love of your life, be successful in your job, and so on and so on and so on! 😉

Do you really believe that superstition can influence your life in the age of science and technology?

Just like divination, superstition is a personal choice. You may irrationally believe in it, or you may understand it is somehow stupid and happily open an umbrella inside your house. Or maybe not?

How much superstitious are you?

Have a lucky week! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Superstitions

  1. I’m TOTALLY not superstitious..I think superstition is only a form of “need of something supernatural” that people have…that need of something spectacular.

    • …which is also the origin of the word “superstition”, which derives from the Latin and means “standing over”, with the meaning of “wonder”, in particular of the supernatural 🙂

  2. I think we can’t be superstitious because we are in the age of science and tecnology, so we can’t believe in something that is only a belief and isn’t proved by science… Someone says that superstition, such as divination, is a consequence of the ignorance of ancient people who weren’t educated: their lives were influenced by black cats, ladders or four-leaved clovers…
    I don’t believe in all this, but I’m sure that a lot of people (like me), although they are not superstitious, sometimes unconsciously give some importance to these beliefs, as if they are just a habit or if there is grandma who says: “Do not open that umbrella inside the house!”…

    • My opinion is that we need to imagine a little magic is possible… and that’s what superstition is, for me 🙂
      My grandmother never washed any clothes on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, because, she said, “something evil will happen”.
      I don’t believe it’s true, but I like to follow this rule because I love to remember my German granny 🙂

  3. I have to admit that superstition influences in different ways our daily lives… i don’t believe in fact I have always done those things that superstition considers like carriers of bad luck…and I’m still alive!!:) Some people, for example, can’t stand black cats in general…Recently I have read an article on a magazine: a group of scientists discovered that ONLY BLACK CATS have a particular substance in their body (unfortunately I don’t remember the name) that could be an aid for the research against the cancer…they are doing some experiments…Incredible!

  4. Don’t worry teacher! They are only trying using test tubes! In fact i think that they can’t do this to black cats… Me first and a lot of animal-rights supporters all over the world would revolt and protest against it! But fortunately there is a hope that science can realize it without doing any any arm to these lovely animals…

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