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Lupin III: The Gentleman Thief

In 1905 the writer Maurice Le Blanc created Arsène Lupin.

The Gentleman Thief, as Arsène was better known, worked in Paris like a modern Robin Hood, in the sense that he sometimes stole also for poor people. The adjective “gentleman” is used because Arsène is not a rough thief:  he loves women and is not violent…not always at least. 😉

In 1967, by the cartoonist Monkey Punch, was born “Arsène Lupin III” or simply “Lupin the Third”, Arsène Lupin’s grandson . He lives in Japan, but is wanted by the police of all over the world, especially by the INTERPOL, where Koichi Zenigata works, Lupin III’ s worst enemy. Like his Grandfather, Lupin III is a “Gentleman Thief”:  he loves women madly, in particular Fujiko Mine, his beautiful but a bit unfaithful partner. He also loves gambling and money, of course. He incredibly improves his stealing methods: he is an excellent quick-change artist and conjurer, he knows martial arts, is intelligent and educated, slick and brave. He is always helped by his faithful partners Daisuke Jigen and Ishikawa Goemon XIII. Jigen, with his Magnum, is the best and fastest gunslinger of the world. Goemon, with his sword Zantetsu-ken, made of extra-terrestrial iron, is the best and fastest samurai of all times.

Lupin’s gun is a Walther P-38 and he drives always one of these cars: Mercedes-Benz SSK of 1928 (Hitler’s car) modified with a Ferrari motor,  or the very similar Alfa Romeo 2300 Touring of 1932 and the mytical Fiat 500 [ in the last of Lupin III’ s OAV, “Lupin Green vs. Red”  (original animated video) he drives a new Fiat 500!]. In two episodes he drives a F1 Ferrari 312 B1 of 1970 and Tyrrel Ford-Cosworth P34 of 1976 (the first and the last car in F1 with 6 tires respectively).

The adventures of Lupin are told in many series of manga (that I don’t know very well) and OAV, more precisely 24 TV Specials and 7 films, and three series (with 23 episodes in the first, 155 in the second and 50 in the third).


2 thoughts on “Lupin III: The Gentleman Thief

  1. I still remember the Tv series with the French actor George Descrieres… I liked Arsene Lupin a lot!!! And I still remember the music…

    I also watched the Lupin III Tv series, but I preferred Goemon, hehe 😉
    Thanks for the interesting post, Ryder!

  2. In 2004 they shot a film “Arsène Lupin”, that I discovered and watched only yesterday, based on “La comtesse de Cagliostro”, one of Maurice Le Blanc’s famous novels, on which also one of the most famous films of Lupin III, “The Castle of Cagliostro”, is based.

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