did you know?

The Red Arrows

Very often, the ceremony of Trooping the Colours is closed by a flypast of the Red Arrows, the official Aerobatic Team of the RAF (Royal Air Force). The Red Arrows fly in a “diamond” formation (nine planes), and their motto is Éclat, meaning “excellence”, that is,”best”.

The nine pilots are all volunteers who must, among other requisites, have accumulated at least 1.500 flying hours. There are no reserve pilots, and if a pilot cannot fly, the Red Arrows fly on an eight-plane formation. Each pilot stays with the Red Arrows for three years. As three pilots are changed every year, three of the nine pilots are always first year pilots, three are second year pilots and three are the “seniors” in their last year.

THIS! is the link to their website.

Just like the Italian Pan “Frecce Tricolori”, the Red Arrows perform thousands displays worldwide.

psst… did you know that  at a charity auction, a British woman paid £1,500,000 to fly with them? Lucky woman… first, she had all that money, and secondly, she flew with them!


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