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Maybe you’ve heard about mandalas, or you’ve seen one.

In Oriental art a mandala is a sacred form of art, with a simple or complex geometrical pattern (usually the drawing of a square with four gates containing a circle – which symbolizes the universe).

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit (an old Indian language) word that means “circle”. In Buddhism and Hinduism the circle represents the Universe, but it can also symbolize the “circle of life” or the concept of completeness, which is usually attained when one reaches “enlightenment”.

Mandalas are made for many reasons. At a deeper, religious level, Buddhist monks  use mandalas to gain wisdom and compassion. The usually create beautiful sand mandalas, which they dissolve in water after having completed it to remind themselves of the transience of things in life. Buddhists say that sand mandalas can transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them.


4 thoughts on “Mandalas

  1. The circle may symbolize the universe or the circle of life or an idea of wholeness… mandalas are just transient representations of some aspects of life… don’t look for rules 😉

    But apart from that, I think there are many and different types of universes… contained in and containing lots of different shapes…
    Consider the human heart, for example… 🙂

    • …which is not bad at all… precision is also very important 😉
      In my opinion you could create wonderful mandalas of your own… why not giving it a try?

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