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Stonehenge and the Summer Solstice

Stonehenge is one of Europe’s biggest stone circles, dating back to nearly 5,000 years ago. It is very impressive, as most of the stones are up to twelve metres high. Stonehenge is a site full of mysteries, and its origins are lost in ancient times. Very likely the Celts, and in particular Celtic priests – the Druids – used it for their rites. Some believe it could also have been used as an astronomic observatory.

As the great number of visitors was increasing the risk of damages to this incredible monument, the site of Stonehenge is no longer accessible to visitors all year round, but only on some days of the year, among which, of course, the summer solstice. Hundreds of people gather there on Midsummer’s Eve to wait for the sunrise, because on that day the first ray of light will shine on a particular stone: the stone called the Heel.

(Remember anything similar happening on the spring equinox? 😉 ).

Have a look at this interesting video (CLICK HERE!) to learn more about Stonehenge! 🙂

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