themes and issues

Feelings and emotions

What are the gestures and facial expressions that enable us to identify the emotions that they express? What are the universally recognized signs of happiness, or anger?

Let’s have a look at this chart:

When a person is happy….

..the overall facial expression is relaxed… the person smiles using mouth AND eyes

… the person may add joyful body movements (jumping, clapping hands, etc)

When a person is angry…

… the face can be red or flushed… the whole body leans forward

…the person might show his/her teeth

…the person’s fists are clenched

When someone is afraid, nervous or anxious…

… he/she has the feeling of a dry mouth so he/she licks his/her lips, drinks water, rubs his/her throat
…he/she doesn’t look at the other person
…he person may not be able to speak correctly
…the voice may be trembling
…he/she nay be sweating
…the tension is shown in the body movements

When a person is sad…

… his/her body is closed

… he/she may be crying

A person shows he/she is embarassed when….

…he/she flushes… he/she avoids making eye contact

… he/she puts on a  false smile

… he/she shanges the topic to hide the reason of the embarassment

When a person is surprised…

… he/she raises his eyebrows… widens his/her eyes

… opens his/her mouth (*Charles, where are you?;-) )

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