did you know?

The Mouth of Truth

Have you ever been to Rome? If you’re planning a stay there, don’t forget to visit the Mouth of Truth by the church of St Maria in Cosmedin! (Click on the link for more detailed information).

The “Mouth of Truth” is a sculpture, carved with the shape of a human face,  originally part of a fountain.

According to some scholars it represents an aquatic god, maybe the god Oceanus or the god Tiber (the river that flows through Rome). Some also believe that it may represent the god Sylvanus (remember the Green Man? 😉 ).

It is called Mouth of Truth because, according to an old legend,  it had the function of detecting lies. But how was it possible?

Well, all a person had to do was to put his or her hand inside the sculpture’s mouth: if the person was telling the truth, nothing would happen. But if the person was a liar, the Mouth would bite his or her hand off!!! Incredible, isn’t it? 😉


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