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A teacher’s note to her students

to those of my students who refuse to pronounce the “h” properly 😉

I must say that this week’s theme came quite on its own to my mind while I was uselessly trying to fall asleep the other night… you all know how thoughts sometimes pop in without even knocking at the door of your brain…

And that’s how I also started considering how, at times, some words seem to get an extra, “added value” to their meaning when they are not only put on paper but also spoken out loud. Take for example the word “hot”.  In itself it is not very different from any other short adjective, like warm, cold, mild, that we use to refer to weather and temperatures.

But if you repeat “hot hot hot” in a row, the “h” sound actually “adds” more meaning to the word… and eventually the idea it conveys seems to get stronger, “h” after “h”.  It is not just a matter of temperature… it also gives the idea of the nuisance of the situation… don’t you think so?

So what’s the weather like, guys?  “ot, ot, ot” or “Hot, Hot, Hot”?

Which of the two is closer to how you are feeling these days? 😉

2 thoughts on “A teacher’s note to her students

  1. Ah ah ah it’s true! Most of the students (including me first :D) doesn’t pronounce the famous h, which is as if it doesn’t exist in the Italian language … Actually “hot hot hot” sounds very different from “ot ot ot”
    Your note tells us that Nothing is a fortuitous event!! 😉

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