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How to survive dog days

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The human body gets cool by sweating. But when temperature and humidity are extremely high,  sweating may not be sufficient and there is a need to find ways to maintain the body’s normal temperature.

While very likely most of you live in air conditioned houses, there are still people who, maybe for an allergy or  for other reasons, have to learn to cope with the summer heat in different ways.

I’ve been doing some searching on the net to see what people all over the world suggest to do to “cool down” on these sultry, scorching days of summer 😉

All the world agrees that if you are staying outdoors you should wear a hat, sun glasses and light, baggy clothes and drink lots of water.

The best outdoor activity resulted to be sprinkling yourself with the water hose, either on your own or with  your friends and family, whether on a terrace or in a garden!!!

Or you could camp in a tent in your garden and sleep there!

If you have a dog, why not giving him/her a bath? Your dog will love it, and you won’t mind getting wet! (however, I wouldn’t advise it to try this on other animals, like cats,hamsters or guinea pigs 😉 )

If you’re at home and have got air conditioning, choose between reading a book or watching a film. The book and videos MUST include a “cooling” setting, with rain or, better, snow.

Or you can learn to make some ice-cream!

If you haven’t got air conditioning you can create your own , home-made air conditioning! All you need is a fan and some ice. Put the ice in a bowl between yourself and the fan. The air from the fan will get much cooler until it reaches you. The only drawback is that the ice cubes will soon melt…

As the saying goes “desperate times call for desperate measures“… you could try making a pair of cotton socks wet and put them on… even better, why not taking a t-shirt, getting it wet and wearing it???

Need some more advice? Get some of those rectangular “blue ice” blocks, the chemical ice that you can buy in supermarkets. Freeze them and take them with you, whether you’re sitting in front of the TV or trying to have a rest in the afternoon (or at night!). As it is no proper ice it won’t melt. Take it by your side and “touch” it:   you’ll soon feel cooler (and much better!!!)

Got any more tips for us, or wish to leave a comment?

You’re welcome!!! 🙂


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