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Air conditioning

Hi everybody!

Last week’s posts and the heat of these days had me think of the genius who invented air conditioning… who is he???

I´ve done a search and the answer is…WILLIS CARRIER!

He was an engineer and he took advantage of the phase change (which is the passage of matter from one state to another one, for example from solid to liquid) of a gas to obtain hot or cold air. Carrier completed the first air conditioner on 17th July 1902 and the technology he used is similar to that we use today.

However, throughout the centuries people had already developed many ways to get cool when the weather was hot even before Carrier´s invention!

Many many years ago, a rotary fan for air conditioning was invented in China and in 747 Emperor Xuanzong had even a “Cool Hall” in his imperial palace; written sources demonstrate that air fans were widely used in China.

Persian people on the other hand used cisterns and wind towers to cool their buildings in the hot season: cisterns picked up the rain water while wind towers had windows that caught the wind and directed the air into the buildings, and ancient Romans built a water refrigerating system inside the walls of their houses to cool them! 🙂

So far we’ve learnt something about the history of human mankind… but I´ve asked myself another question: how does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner is usually made up of two parts: one is located inside the building and the other one is outside; they are linked by copper tubes in which a particular gas, called FREON, circulates. Between the two parts of the air conditioner Freon is compressed, warmed, gets cold and turns to the liquid state, finally refreshing us.

Air conditioning is really useful to bear the heat of summer and above all to eliminate damp; indeed people use it about everywhere: in their cars, in the office, at home.

I have an air conditioner at home but I never use it because my father says that it is harmful. So I had to do a research again, and found out that he was right! There are many precautions to be followed if we have air conditioning at home: first of all, we shouldn´t use air conditioning if we´re sweaty. Did you know that the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of our homes shouldn’t be too high because the passage from the outdoor tropical climate and the indoor polar climate could be very dangerous for our breathing? Moreover, we shouldn´t sleep with air conditioning on because we could suffer from muscle aches. These are the experts´ advices. Do you follow any?

In my opinion we’d better go to the sea than stay in front of a fan when the weather is very hot; and if we don´t live near the sea, we can have a shower every hour waiting for the night!

Have a nice summer 😉



One thought on “Air conditioning

  1. I knew, too, that air conditionig is really dangerous for our health if we don’t follow these advices; we shouldn’t use it because we can go to the sea, as Sara said, or to the swimming pool with friends, have quick showers during the day ( we mustn’t waste water! 😉 ), eat ice-creams and whatever comes to our mind…but it is so difficult doing these things for old people…anyway thank you a lot, Mr Carrier!:)

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