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Highland Games

Highland Games were born in the Scottish clans, and are probably about 300 years old. Men from different clans would compete in strength, skill and endurance to prove their value as fighters in battle. Nowadays the Highland Games are held throughout the summer (usually from May to September) in all Scotland and add other elements, like Highland dancers and pipers, which make them absolutely unique to see.

The most famous events at the Highland games are the throwing of the hammer (a round metal ball attached to a stick is whirled above the head and thrown), the tossing of the caber (in which a long pine pole is hold vertically at one end and is tossed so that the other end touches the ground). Watch this short video to see how it works 🙂

The Highland Games are usually followed by piping and dancing competitions, among which the most famous is the traditional Highland Sword Dance.


2 thoughts on “Highland Games

  1. I couldn’t do something like this, i think i would break my whole bone structure only looking at those games!:) Aren’t these dangerous for people? I mean, do the players train before?

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