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On wishing

What is a wish? Mainly a desire for something we don’t have and for which we long for. Of course there are wishes that can be fulfilled, and others that never will. For example, we can wish for something new to happen in our lives,  and this wish can be granted, but we cannot wish to change something that belongs to the past, as the past cannot be changed. 🙂

However, even though everybody knows and has always known that it is not that easy to have a wish granted, since ancient times people all over the world have developed many superstitions concerning wishes.

There are many examples in literature about wishes granted for example by a magic being, like a fairy or a wizard. Or by a genie in a bottle… remember Aladdin rubbing his oil lamp and finding a genie who would grant him three wishes? 🙂

Another very common way to have a wish come true is to look for falling stars at night, but you already know about it. 😉

A wishing well certainly might be another opportunity.You surely have heard about them.

You just have to make your wish and throw a coin in it to have it granted. There are many sites throughout the world that have a wishing well. This probably originated from the belief that water, the primary source of life on our planet, was full of benevolent deities.

Unfortunately, magic is not always at hand!

This is why you’d better have a try at blowing the seeds of a dandelion, or blowing out all the candles on your birthday cake. Or maybe breaking the wishbone of a chicken or turkey you have eaten… have you ever tried any of these?

Do you know of other superstitions related to the granting of wishes?

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