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The wishing game

What about playing a wishing game together?

The rules are two, and are very simple…

Rule #1: whoever reads this post must leave a comment in which he or she makes a wish (or more than one, if you want to).

Rule #2: wishes must be expressed according to the grammar rule of using a past tense for the wish, as for example “I wish I WAS rich”, “I wish I HAD a Ferrari”, “I wish I WON a million at the lottery”, and so on.

I cannot assure you that all of your wishes will come true, but maybe the internet gods are not so busy these days… 😉


p.s. one of the ways to have a wish granted, people say, is not to say it aloud or say it to other people. But if we take the rule literally, we are not “saying” the wish aloud, we are simply writing it!


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