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How people see people: pizza, mafia and mandolino

Is it true that “spaghetti, pizza, mafia and mandolino” are the best words to define Italians? Or that English people are all introvert? The Swiss precise?

Here are a few more stereotypes to enjoy (?!?)…

on nationality:

  • Scottish people are stingy
  • Irish people are red-haired and drunk
  • Jewish people are greedy
  • Americans are racist
  • Germans are blond and love beer
  • Italian men are “mummy’s boys”
  • the French love wine and fashion
  • People from Naples are cheaters
  • People from the north of Italy are industrious people, people from the south are lazy
  • Southern Italian are mafiosi
  • the French hate the English language
  • the English are very reserved
  • Spanish people love fiestas and siestas

on politics:

  • Communist people eat babies

on social groups:

  • Punks are violent
  • If you like reggae, you smoke pot
  • Tattooed people are dangerous
  • Pierced people are not to be trusted

on gender:

  • Women can’t drive and park a car properly
  • Boys are better than girls at Maths
  • Boys don’t cry
  • Tidying the house and doing the washing up is a female activity
  • Men can’t cook
  • Women can’t fix anything in the house
  • A woman’s place is in the home, or as a secretary or teacher

These are of course just a few examples. How do they make you feel? Do you agree with them, or only with some? Do you totally disagree? Do you feel offended by some? Why? Why not?

Do you know of other stereotypes you have heard or witnessed? What is your opinion about this issue?


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