vocabulary builder

a few idioms on flying

There are a few idioms on “flying” in English:

  • to pass an exam with flying colours (which means to get a high score in an examination)
  • to keep the stork flying (which means to have many children – the stork is the bird which, according to tradition, delivers babies ;-))
  • to get off to a flying start (which means that you are starting a successful activity)
  • to fly high (which actually has two meanings: the first is “to be very successful”, the second –  more used in American English – is to be very excited or happy as a result of being under the influence of drugs)
  • in expressions like “when pigs fly” or “… and pigs might fly!”, meaning that you are talking about something that will never come true (in the Italian language we have a similar idiom concerning donkeys flying ;-))

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