vocabulary builder

some verbs on flying

Consider the following verb list:

  1. crash-land
  2. dive
  3. glide
  4. land
  5. loop
  6. orbit
  7. plummet
  8. rise
  9. soar
  10. splash down
  11. take off

They are all related to flying. Can you match each verb with its correct definition from the ones gives below?

  • come down to the earth
  • move upwards
  • go quickly up into the air
  • go somewhere moving in a circle
  • float on an air current
  • fly or drop down quickly
  • fall very fast to the ground, especially from a great height
  • land quickly and less safely than usual
  • move around a planet or moon
  • go up in the air
  • landing of a spacecraft in the sea after a flight

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