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New York, New York

This summer I had the holiday of a  lifetime –  two awesome weeks in New York!

I landed at JFK airport at 4pm on a Sunday but my body clock told me different. The jet lag was weird and I spent the rest of the day wandering around like a zombie…

Question #1

What is the time difference between New York and Rome? 😉

A) 7 hours                           B) 5 hours                                 C) 6 hours

On my second day I went down to Manhattan and when  I came out of the subway (not Tube as the Brits call it) I could not believe how “ginormous” the skyscrapers were.

Question #2 Ginormous  is a mixture of two words. What are they? 😉

Seeing yellow taxi cabs everywhere, and all those  people buzzing around like mad bees felt like a dream, in fact I kept telling my Grandma to pinch me! I really didn’t know where to start with my sightseeing.

These are some of the places I visited: Empire State Building, United Nations, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Statue of Liberty, Ground zero, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Chinatown, Little Italy, Harlem, Soho, Central Park, and the Julliard School.

Question #3

Which of the places  I visited  can you recognize in the photos below? 😉














I also wanted to see “Bodies…The Exhibition”, where dead bodies treated with polymer preservation were on display – you can see all the parts of the human body –  heart, lungs, brain, bones, liver, intestine, muscles and so on. None of my relatives wanted to come in with me ( I wonder why!!! ;-)) and I have to say that it was shocking  to start with, but, afterwards I was completely engrossed. Definitely the best exhibition I’ve ever been to. If you have a strong stomach check it out at www.bodiestheexhibition.com

I also shopped till I dropped! Prices in New York are not that bad although when you get to the till you have to pay extra taxes. I also walked up and down Fifth Avenue to do some window shopping at  the “posh” shops ;-).

I realized that I couldn’t go home without sampling some culture so I went into the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) and I loved it. I wanted to see some of Van Gogh’s famous paintings, but also the Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso sections were incredible!

Question #4

Which famous museums are not in New York?

A) The Tate modern  B) The Metropolitan Museum C) Musee D’Orsay

A description of the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the local cuisine. Trying not to eat junk food was absolutely impossible! I was surrounded by French fries, hot dogs and doughnuts – which are irresistible! Believe me! I have never tasted such soft, sweet, delicious doughnuts in my whole life!

I could write so much about  my brilliant “vacation” but it’s time to wind it up.

Let me leave you with some of the expressions I picked up on the other side of the Atlantic. See if you can match them with their Italian equivalent. 😉

Question #5

awesome stai scherzando
restroom secchione
nerd non se ne parla
no way fantastico
get out of here bagno

See ya guys!


6 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. I’ll try to answer some of your questions… First of all, the result of my calculation is that the time difference between New York and Rome is 6 hours, so I understand what you meant with the word “zombie” :-). You said that the skyscrapers are “ginormous”, and I think that this word may derive from a mix between “giant” and “enormous”.
    I’ve never been to New York, so the only place I recognize is the Statue of Liberty in picture 3, but I hope that one day I’ll visit all these places and know more about them. I don’t know very much about museums, but I can say that, if your holidays in New York were awesome, we can describe them in Italian with the word “fantastico”. I think that the restroom is the toilet and a nerd is a “secchione” in Italy. When I ask my mum if I can come back late on Saturday evenings, she answers me: “Non se ne parla” and the traslation in American English can be “no way”, I see. Finally, in Italy we say “stai scherzando” while in the USA they say “get out of here”. Is that right?

  2. Hi Anita! Lucky you! I imagine you spent a fantastic holiday in New York. I can see the Gaugin, Cezanne or Picasso’s pictures only in books..this is depressing..:D
    Ps:Marissa, tell me when you go to America..I’ll be your fellow traveller..
    Anita, will you be our guide? 🙂 I can come to see the exhibition of the human body with you, I’m curious to see it!

  3. Hi Maryssa29 and Poleyn!
    I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my holiday 🙂
    Well done, you got all the answers right 🙂
    Here are the ones you didn’t know: picture 1 is the United Nations, picture 2 is Rockefeller Centre, picture 4 is Ground Zero which was the site of the Twin Towers and last but not least, picture 5 is Times Square.
    The exhibition of the human body is impressive and and it travels all over the world. Perhaps one day it will come to Italy! (I hope so!!!)
    By the way Poleyn…it would be nice to take up your offer! I’d love to go back to New York again!
    See you 🙂

  4. Are you saying that in “Bodies …the Exhibition” there were bodies of real people??

    • Hi ryder28

      Yes, there were REAL people’s BODIES.
      To be precise, there were 20 cadavers donated for research by the Chinese government because all the bodies at the time of death hadn’t been claimed by their families (so they say) and some fetuses in various stages of development.
      The Premier Exhibitions Incorporated, which is the corporation that organized the Exhibition, claims that all the fetuses died due to miscarriages and malformations.
      I think that the fetal development section was extremely interesting although guests were given an option to skip that section.
      The exhibition starts with the skeletal system and goes on with the muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and reproductive system.
      The dead bodies are prevented from decay by treating them with a very complicated process called “polymer preservation”, which is a very tedious process and takes a long time to accomplish.
      It might sound horrible but it was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen 🙂

  5. New York is spectacular! But honestly, coming from someone who lives in The United States, I think Rome is a lot cooler! It so much prettier! (in my opinion, of course) New York is really good for shopping! I will give it that. But Italy is beautiful, and full of history!

    Some great place to check out in NY:
    -Empire State Building
    -American Girl store
    -Times Square
    -Statue of Liberty
    -Channel 3 News (be on the ‘Today’ Show)

    You should also take a tour of NY. There are thousands of tours that you can take. Many will take you to all the sites in NY, but others will take you to the best shopping stores around!

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to The USA! Welcome to my home!


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