a talent for writing

A fantastic journey

The train was running through the plains, miles away from London, and Zach was about to fall asleep in his seat. There were really a few people on that train, and the only sound he could hear was the continuous rolling of the wheels on the rails.

But suddenly something happened, something that Zach would never have imagined. He looked out of the window on his left and he realized that there was no more sunlight, only a long series of bushes and flowers that surrounded the train. No more plains, no more hills in the distance and fog in the air, but a clean, fresh idyllic place in the middle of a forest. A forest here? The train is passing through a forest? That was not in the brochure!

Zach quickly jumped off his seat and went to the other cabins in order to find someone who might confirm that he wasn’t drunk. He was alone, confused and scared. He touched his forehead twice before realizing that the train was slowly losing speed. In the blink of an eye he was outside… in the forest… on foot. The silence was deafening and the situation completely ridiculous, but Zach was surprisingly calm. He was able to hear his own breath, slow, gentle and rhythmical.  That was the first time since he was a child that he could feel the freshness of the open air, that he could lay on a soft carpet of grass. No documents on his desk in the office, but trees of incredibly various height and gender, no phones or clocks or even metallic, stunning types of engines around, only an unreal silence, disturbed by his heartbeat. Can you hear it, Zach? Bum-bum… You’re alive!

It was so beautiful, he started thinking about all those things he never had the time to do but wanted to, but his thoughts were sliding too fast in his mind…

He startled. Someone had touched his shoulder. Suddenly he was awake in his seat, back on the train from London to Manchester, and a man was talking to him. The controller was asking him for his ticket. Zach rubbed his eyes and quickly searched in his jacket for the ticket.

That was all a dream… yet he was like a new person. He remembered all of his passions, wishes and hopes, and wondered why he was wasting his life in an office. A voice announced that the train was half an hour late and that meant he was late for his work appointment, too. But that had no importance to him any longer: he had all the time in the world to work or to realize his dreams.

He was alive.


One thought on “A fantastic journey

  1. Hi BenJogan,
    just a few lines to say that I hope to read more from you soon!
    I liked your piece of writing a lot, in particular your style, which is really impressive… have you already had a look at the “creative writing” section in this blog? It’s at the bottom of the “writing skills” page, I promise to add a few more suggestions in the next days.
    Well done!!! 🙂

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