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Breakfast all over the world…

Have you ever considered the word “breakfast”? The word is made up of two words: “break” and “fast”. When I first studied it, I thought it referred to a “fast” (in the sense of “quick”) meal. But then I discovered what (and how much!;-)) people usually eat for breakfast all over the world, and I decided it couldn’t just mean a “quick break”. So after a “quick” research I learnt that “breakfast” refers to the end of fasting (=digiuno) from the last meal of the day before.

In ancient times, breakfast was the most important meal of the day, as people went to work after breakfast and came back home only in the evening!

But it is also true that nowadays workers and students don’t have much time in the morning, so they often have only a cup of coffee!

I can’t start my day without having breakfast…  can you? 😉

I have a big cup of milk with coffee and home-made biscuits (that I call “grandmother’s biscuits” because they’re very simple and really good, as my grandma!).

However, a full English breakfast is completely different from mine! Years ago it was quite like a lunch: people started with a glass of orange juice or a slice of grapefruit; then they had milk and cornflakes and continued with fried eggs and bacon accompanied by fried sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes; they could also have a smoked herring (a type of fish) or cuts of veal and ended with a traditional toast and jam and a cup of coffee or tea. They treated themselves very well!!!

On the continent, French breakfast is usually based on hot weak coffee or tea, orange juice and the famous croissant. What about a crunchy baguette filled with butter or jam, or other traditional French breakfast cakes, like pain au chocolat (a type of bread with chocolate bits in it!) and a crepe nature garnished in many different ways.

Also German breakfast is very rich: coffee, orange juice, crispy breadrolls covered with poppy seeds or cereals, which they have with home-made jam, honey, ham, bacon, frankfurter (the English for würstel), and eggs.

Also in the rest of the European continent breakfast is more or less the same.

Arabic breakfast, on the other hand, is a short meal based on bread, dairy products, tea and jam; in the past workers ate lentil soup and beans cooked with garlic, lemon and olive oil.

And what about people overseas???

Mexican people eat eggs, beans, tortillas (wheat or corn bread) and molletes (sandwiches with butter, beans and cheese). Instead the most common Indian breakfast food are potato, onion, fresh fruit and bhaji, which is fried bread accompanied by garlic potatoes.

Rice can’t be missing in a Japanese breakfast; they have eggs, dried fish, pickled or brine vegetables and fruit, too.

Argentine breakfast is similar to European breakfast; indeed they have croissants, brioches or churros (pancakes), French bread with butter and jam and tostados (sandwiches with cheese and ham).

People have a rich breakfast in Thailand and Sri Lanka, too; they have rice soup garnished with cabbage, garlic and crawfish; they continue with basil pork and rice flour crepes filled with sugar, milk or coconut cream.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast all over the world…

  1. So in Italy we have one of the lightest breakfasts in the world! It’s incredible how all these peoples can eat food like these in the morning… I couldn’t eat so much even at lunch!

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