festivals and traditions

Halloween in America

by Sidney

`Boo!!´ is the only noise you hear October 31st in America.

Children dressing up in costumes, the smell of pumpkin pie and sweets fill the air. Every house has festive lights and decorations out for all to enjoy. As night time comes around children run free. Knocking on neighbours door looking for candy…

`Trick or Treat!´

Ghosts and goblins are free to roam the streets. Out to scare those who seek! Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone! No matter how big or small, there will be fun for all!

Halloween is a very fun time of year for everyone in America. Whether you go to a party or `trick or treating´ you are sure to have a great time!

Children and teenagers dress up and go house to house knocking on doors and getting candy.

For teenagers in America, we usually enjoy having `free candy´ not so much `trick or treating´.

Every year in my town, everyone (about 2,000 people) go to a party that is put on by the town.

We play games, eat, and talk to our friends.

There is also a costume contest!

I have won the contests every year since we moved to the island. (about 10 years ago).

After the party everyone takes their decorated golf carts and drives around the island `trick or treating´. Halloween is a very fun holiday for everyone! Everyone looks forward to October 31st coming around!

2 thoughts on “Halloween in America

    • Hey Anita!!

      Last year I was Michael Jackson! haha. In the past I was a zombie spa girl.. I had hair rollers and a robe, etc. I was a ‘southernbelle’, M&M, my friend and I went as peanut butter and jelly one year. hahaha. We always have a really great time together for Halloween!

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