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Happy Halloween!!!

Knock knock

Who’s that?


Boo who?

Booohuuu 😦 I miss youuuu

Hi there, how are you all? Getting ready for a Halloween party, I suppose… I still remember two incredible Halloween parties which we organized many years ago at another school I was teaching at, with an enormous pumpkin at the school entrance, a reconstruction of Stonehenge, classrooms turned into “haunted houses”, or rooms where you could play Halloween games, and lots more. We also had student groups playing music, and everybody came dressed in scary costumes! These are among the best memories I have as a teacher 🙂

Anyway,  I hope you find some time to read through this “Halloween edition” we’ve prepared for you!

Special guests this week are Sidney (hooraaay!!! sound of clapping hands), who will tell us about Halloween in the USA, and a group of creative “horror writers” among my students who have agreed (!) to write a spooky story for us to read on Halloween night. You will have to vote for the story you liked most! Just leave a comment saying which story you consider the scariest, and (of course!) why.

Anita will introduce us to Halloween traditions in the UK, while Poleyn has definitely decided to start a new career as a horror writer, hehe!

There’s also an interesting video on Halloween to watch and listen to, and some extra activities for you to enjoy.

I really wish you to have lots of fun and a tremendously scary evening… it wouldn’t be Halloween otherwise! 😉

teacher b.


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