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Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the scariest of them all?

by Martina

It was a dark and dreary night. The clock struck midnight.

I was lying on my bed but I couldn´t sleep. I switched on the light and I started reading a book I had found in the library some days before. It was quite old and a big red stain covered the name of the author. The title was “The tragic story of Lady P.”. It told a mysterious story about a beautiful woman, Lady P., killed by a rejected lover. Before stabbing her in her chest, the murderer had planted a red rose between her teeth. Since then, the spirit of Lady P. comes back on earth every year, on the first spring new moon.

I was reading the last chapter of the book when a gust of cold wind rose behind me; the window was open and I stood up to close it: it was an unusually cold spring night and there was no moon in the sky. Unexpectedly the light was cut off and I heard a strange sound, like a far moaning: “Save me…Save me…”; a strong sweetish smell filled the air: it was unbearable! I felt sick…

Suddenly I felt something icy around my neck. I couldn´t breath anymore!

I just wanted to escape, but there was only darkness around me… darkness… darkness… everything got darker and darker…

I woke up the morning after. I was in my bed and I was still holding “The tragic story of Lady P.” in my hands. I didn´t remember exactly what had happened the night before, but I felt very tired.

And there still was that strange smell in the air…

“Maybe I had a nightmare” I thought.

I got up and I laid the book on my desk, when something froze my blood.

Among the pages of the book there was a red rose.


by Marilena

It was a dark and dreary night…

Mary, a nice girl, was walking through the streets of her town, when suddenly she heard someone screaming. She looked around trying to understand who it was. But all of a sudden someone caught her and after a short while, Mary found herself in a castle with two other boys and two girls.

The castle was frightfully ugly! Poor Mary was dreadfully afraid, and she crawled in a corner of the room with the others.

After an hour or so, they started to scream at what they all saw: two vampires, who came into the room, grabbed the two girls, killed them with a terrible bite and then went away. Everything got silent again.

After what again seemed to be an hour, two other vampires came into the room. It was the two boys’ turn to be bitten and killed! Then the vampires disappeared again and Mary was left alone.

She realized that she would be the next! She understood that the vampires were going out to town catching boys and girls to satisfy their need for blood!

Mary won’t  tell us the final of this story because she now is dead…but I do know that the vampires are still out there…

Look around you!


by Skantaman

It was a dark and dreary night, and it was raining.

A thunder lit up a black shadow and after that a scream could be heard: there was a young woman dead on the floor. It was the 6th time the police had found a woman dead during the week; there was a murderer around and nobody knew who it was.

A murder had been discovered every year during the week before 31st October in the last 6 years.

The police had once managed to catch, imprison and put the murderer to death, but before they could execute him, he had disappeared and nobody had never seen him again.

The murderer might be everywhere. Somebody even thinks that he might be a ghost. Now, what’s really strange is that every person who has listened to this story (either a man or a woman) has been murdered…

Now you are in danger, too! Good luck!

And… be careful… because Halloween night is coming and it may be your last…


by Giuseppe

The Haunted town

It was an autumn night, the trees in the city parks and the tall oaks that were on the side of the streets, with their majesty frightened those who were walking below. But not all children were afraid… Henry was a child who didn’t feel anything like that… since he was a few years old, it seemed that, precisely in autumn, his spirit had a strange euphoria and he felt great pleasure in riding his little bike in the town. His town was a typical English town, tidy, but lucky enough to be surrounded by sweet and beautiful nature. In that town people still kept old relics, ancient memories that the men who had inhabited those lands had given them  and believed that these relics hid forces that made them live and that kept strangers away.

Henry seemed to have come from that very past, and, growing up, his predilection for the autumn became increasingly an essential peculiarity of his life.
Then, when October 31st got near, Henry felt almost a frenzy. While his friends and classmates were happy to fill the streets knocking at doors for the traditional game of “trick or treating”, Henry felt something strange, something new. Something he did not know, but it was like listening to a strange name.

At the age 11, Henry finally answered that “call”. He did not know what it was but I felt that name like a refrain. That “name” became obsessive that year, he could hear it in his mind: it was the evening of October 31st. Henry was holding a pumpkin with a lighted candle in it that he had been given at school and that he should bring back home. But he did not want to return home that evening. He looked up at the sky and went to the nearby forests. He stood there still for a while… then he thought he saw shadows calling him… he saw the tree branches stretching like arms. … he could not understand, those arms were making a continuous gesture, like calling him to them …
He dropped the pumpkin and his eyes widened. He could hear the familiar call and this attracted his as always. He climbed over walls, maybe, to get to the secret of that voice.
He crossed the fields and felt full of life, and in that moment of bliss he began to cry and call his father in vain. But then, those arms kept calling him to remote places. Henry picked up the pumpkin that had fallen to the ground, and with the lighted candle inside went to the tall trees that would have done him, he was sure, no evil ….
The sun went down …
Every year since then his father, who had never been able to cry for the death of his only son, went to the countryside where Henry had disappeared. He would stop and looks at the forest… and an echoing voice would call him…

“Dad … We are waiting for you …”



6 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the scariest of them all?

  1. My congratulations to the writers! I really enjoyed the four tales, each one for a different reason: Martina, Marilena and Skantaman’s stories didn’t scare me much but i like their endings…while i was really frightened after reading Giuseppe’s tale because of its (in my opinion) articulated plot and for those effects he created writing, that made me imagine the story just as if I was watching a film…wow…:-)

  2. Goodness me! These stories were terrifying!
    I really liked Martina’s story but I also enjoyed Marilena’s, Skantaman’s and Giuseppe’s.
    They were all very spookey.
    Well done guys 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree with you, too! Congratulations! 🙂 All stories are really original… And red roses are very fascinating flowers because they represent, at the same time, the symbol of love and the colour of blood… Great choice, Martina!

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