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About flying, again… MS flight simulator

MS Flight Simulator X (the latest version of MS Flight Simulators), also known as FSX, is according to me the best among all video games about flying.

A simulator is a video game in which the player can fly with a lot of famous planes and he can learn all the features about flight.

This video game is very realistic and the player can live dangerous or cool situations, like a real pilot does!

In my opinion MS Flight Simulator isn’t just a game: it is a milestone for all the fans of “virtual flight”… but not only! In fact this video game is also used by the Italian Military Aeronautics (who use the ’98 version) in their flight training.

So this video game is very important besides being also very very entertaining 😉

What’s your opinion about it? Have you ever played this video game?

Let me know… in the meantime…

Good flight!!!


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