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Collective nouns

How do you call a group of actors? And a large group of people? You surely know both words in your own language, but maybe not the word for it in English.

Collective nouns are the nouns that define “a group of” people or animals, like for example the word “crowd” refers to a group of people gathering in a place.

So while actors form a company, football players form a team, sailors form a crew, what are the collective nouns for… let’s say, animals?

The list could go on with bees and most insects forming a swarm, birds a flock, cattle, elephants forming a herd, lions a pride, wolves a pack, fish forming a shoal, puppies a litter, zebras a zeal, dolphins a school, crocodiles a bask, butterflies a rabble, jellyfish forming a smack.

Other useful collective nouns could be a bunch of grapes (or flowers), a fleet of ships, a flight of steps.

Could you provide the correct collective nouns listed above also in Italian?

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