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Features of English

Hi everybody!

It’s been some time since we last had some posts on features of the English language that could help you widen your vocabulary. We have already covered topics like the differences between British and American English, false friends and common idiomatic expressions, which I hope have been useful. Do you still remember any or did they leave through the back door of your short-term memory? 😉

This week we will concentrate on features of English like similes and onomatopoeias, learn some more idioms (I’ve chosen the funniest among them) and have a closer look at collective and compound nouns.

Strange as it may seem, my intention is not to bore you with long lists of new words and expressions to learn… I know teachers can be a real “bore” when it comes to things like that! 🙂

Consider it a simply different way to compare both languages, English and Italian, and exploring their similarities and differences a bit further.

As always, I’ve tried to select  material which could be at the same time entertaining and useful.

Have a nice week!

teacher b.


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