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Left brain right brain

Did you know? The human brain has been divided by scientists into two hemispheres, called “left brain” and “right brain”, each of which seems to control different aspects of our personality. Are you a tidy, organized person or does your room look like a mess? What do you remember best, people’s names or faces? Which games are you best at?

The predominant hemisphere makes the difference!

Which of the two hemispheres seems to be predominant in you? Are you more a left-brained person or a right-brained person?

Have a look again at the list above. Is a chess player more left-brained or right-brained? And what about the other games you know or have played?

The topic is very interesting if seen from this perspective, isn’t it? 🙂

Now have a try at this funny visual game:

One thought on “Left brain right brain

  1. This post is really interesting teacher! I like it..i think i’m a bit more left-brained, indeed i’m not an imaginative person! In spite of this, i take risks and i hardly ever remember names or dates.

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