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The world of Lineage 2

The world of Lineage 2 is divided into three kingdoms: Aden, Elmore, and Gracia.

Aden lies south of the Border Outposts and its capital is Aden Castle. Aden’s geography ranges from deserts to tropical forests. Elmore lies north of the Outposts and includes Goddard, Rune and Schuttgart. Its capital castle is Rune Castle. Elmore have mostly mountainous regions with a frozen wastelands. Gracia lies  west of Aden and Elmore. Gracia is a flying continent, and you can go there by flying ships.

There are also many little villages, like Dion, Hunter’s Village, Gludio, Gludin and the character’s native villages, for example Dwarven Village, Elves and Dark Elves Village etc.

You can move from one place to another using the gatekeeper (a wizard that offers you his service to take you where you want). In each territory there are a lot of combat zones that have two purposes: killing monsters to improve your power and fighting against other characters controlled by other users. The maximum level you can reach is 85 and monsters (depending on the zones) can give you “experience” to get to this level. There is also a place where you can fight against other characters, and this is called the Coliseum. There you can join the Olympiad Games, in which you have to fight 1 vs 1. When you have fought at least 9 matches, you appear in the ranking of your class, and at the end of the “Era” (that can last one month) the first character of each
ranking class becomes a Hero. There are many heroes in the game. The Hero has a gold aura around himself and can use special skills that make him “invincible”.

In order to improve your power, you can kill Epic Monsters, called “Raid Bosses”, that, when they are dying, give you special jewels, called “Jewel Boss”. The most important raid bosses are: Valakas (a fire dragon) ; Antharas (an earth dragon); Baium (the guardian of the light); Zaken (a damned pirate); Queen Ant (the queen of ants) and Frintezza (Baium’s son). They drop rings, earrings and necklaces that improve the character’s power a lot.

But if you just want to relax and don’t feel like improving your level, you can fish in a lot of lakes or seas.

The name of my character is Tabes. I have created him because I like Dwarves very much and, although people think that dwarves aren’t good warriors, I can use his power well and I have already defeated a lot of users 😉

So, what else? If you want to enjoy yourself join Lineage 2 and Tabes will be happy!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this article, this is nice one…. I like it a lot and Hope others might like it as well

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