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Old memories: a letter for Tabes

Hey Tabes!

It’s been a long time since we last heard from each other!
How are you? Do you still remember your old friend Fender?

We grew up together, and together we fought battles with monsters, dinosaurs and evil knights. We and our clan had become so powerful!

With the help of that great knuckle-duster ogre that Horozok was we went through thousands of adventures! And how is the little dragon Strider which I gave you when I left for the island of Laputa? And what about the Dark Magician? Is he still spreading discord in Aden Town or have you managed to defeat him at last?
Now I live here in Laputa. Life in this little town of Gracia (the flying island) is very difficult, I have to study hard every day if I want to work in the chemical laboratories. I have no time to improve my fighting skills, but I hope to visit Aden  and fight again. Ah, how many memories!
Yesterday a strange, irritating man, a certain Mr. Gulliver arrived here. He actually hates us, and criticizes all our work. I don’t know why he’s here!

Write me soon and tell me about the life in Aden that I miss so much!




2 thoughts on “Old memories: a letter for Tabes

  1. Oh! What a surprise! How are you my dear Fender? I’m ok but now i’m busy because, you know, in Dwarven Village we have to help Santa Claus and all the company. After Christmas Day i’ll be free, and i’ll be happy to meet you again. You can come to Dwarven Village, and we can go to the best tavern in the city; we can also talk drinking the best beer you have ever drinked. So, what else? Answer me and we will meet again!
    See you, man!

    P.S. If you need help with Gulliver, i can help you. Do you remember my “strong way of doing”? 😉

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