a talent for writing

A world in a soap bubble

Did you use to blow bubbles when you were a child? This is certainly one of the easiest and most common among children’s pastimes.

But… have you ever tried to discover what hides inside of them?

Silvia had a dream last night and she let me discover that…

There was a magic and special world in a soap-bubble and the right border of this planet was marked out by lots of little bubbles to separate it from “something else” . There the sun always shone, so there wasn’t the night but only daylight. The people who lived there were similar to the Lilliputians in “Gulliver travels”: they were 1 cm tall, their cheeks were red and chubby, they had a potato-shaped nose and they wore a spotted dress. But unlike Lilliputians these people were really good and altruistic: their watchword was solidarity, indeed if a person was ill or had some problems, they helped him, or her. Everyone worked only three hours a day and had a fixed role: the women were tailors and they sewed dresses for all the inhabitants of the reign; the children went to school; the men had to work the land, so they ate organic food. Moreover, in this reign of good the old people were very happy, they weren’t isolated or excluded by society and, thanks to their wisdom, they advised young people. Their main teaching was that no one could go near the trapdoor that was next to the border of the little bubbles. However, there was an inquisitive guy that wanted to discover what that trapdoor hid; he usually spent his time playing a recorder that he always brought with himself to delight people with his music. One day he went down to the trapdoor, reached a ladder and climbed it. He entered in a very different world from his: here there was only night, no sun, no light, only rain and lightning! He asked the people there where he was, but no one answered him. Everyone was busy doing his job and didn’t care about other people. Finally a lonely old man, sitting in a dark patch, answered him saying “Hi young being. You’re in a great world where everyone is very very rich! We earn about £600 every day, so we only work and we can’t waste our time worrying about other people. We sleep only 5 hours a day. You can see our gold dresses, our precious jewels and smart shoes; you like them, don’t you? The watchwords of this reign are wealth and power!”. The guy was surprised at the old man’s words: at the beginning he really envied that reign, he dreamt of the gold recorder that he could buy with so much money. But he immediately put this thought aside and his “goodness-seed” predominated, so he understood that that world wasn’t at all fantastic because people only minded their own business, they were rich but also sad, and indeed he didn’t see any joy or happiness in the eyes of children and adults, but only pain and selfishness. So he made a very important decision: he wanted to change this world converting evil into good. He climbed up a mountain and he used his recorder to draw the attention of those bad people. They listened astonished to this sound, it was too sweet for their ears! The guy said: “Hi everybody! My name’s Juppy and I’m from a neighbouring reign where people’s eyes shine with delight, we don’t have much money, but we are happy; we spend our days joking and working, singing and sleeping, worrying about people in trouble. Old people are never alone: they live with their grandchildren and they’re considered the most important people in society. Do you know what a smile is? It’s the most beautiful gift that we can make to other people and the best we can receive.” When the people listened to these words, they smiled and the bubbles which marked out the border between the two worlds reflected their smiles and the light of their eyes and they dispersed. Meanwhile the sun lit the former bad world until it mingled with the good one and the alternation of day and night was born!


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