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One world, two peoples

Once upon a time there were 2 different worlds: a poor and a rich one.

Many years before a little star, crumbling, had crashed into a part of the Earth with disastrous consequences, burning and destroying whatever it met; the people of those lands asked for help their neighbours, who lived where the star hadn’t fallen down; but they refused to give them hospitality and they drove them out .

Many of the survivors of those destroyed lands died of starvation, but the rest of them were able to survive eating leaves, roots, worms and whatever the land could offer them; and step by step, thanks to the last resources (some sacks of seeds they had stored before that event) and to their work, their living conditions improved a bit. But they kept on having a hard life.

Meanwhile, in the other part of the Earth, the situation was really different: what only mattered to those selfish people was giving parties and living a comfortable life. It was an incredible world: on a land made up of chocolate slivers and coloured candies instead of lawns, with lollipops as flowers, sweet marzipan houses and marshmallow benches were built; all around the country-side there were plain chocolate mountains which were covered by a powdered sugar snow and crossed by ice-cream rivers ; the sky was strewn by cotton candy clouds.

The border between the two worlds had never been crossed by their people; but a day, a child from the rich world who was playing with his kite, lost it and he crossed the frontier to recover his toy; but he didn’t know those lands because he had never been there before, and he fell in a deep pit; scared and hurt, he cried. A group of children heard him, arrived and found the child. Helped by their parents, they were able to get him out and to cured his wounds.

The child’s parents and the other people living in the rich world were very worried after the child’s disappearance, and were looking everywhere for the child; but then people from the poor world took him back, and the child told his parents and the other people what had happened; they  were so touched by their kindness that they suggested to their neighbours to forget their previous difficult relationship.

And then the two worlds became one, because they all understood that there’s nothing better than helping each other.


3 thoughts on “One world, two peoples

  1. Wow! I really like this story! It has a lot of good details and really takes your imagination on a ride when you read it! Keep writing! I would love to hear more!

    I have one question…..
    How did you get the idea to write about this?? It is really fantastic!

  2. Hi Sidney!!:) I wrote this story to help teacherb together with Poleyn and Maryssa on organizing the “creativity week”; actually i was a bit worried because i’m a disaster at writing fantastic tales…but one afternoon, while i was drinking a cup of chocolate (I’m crazy about sweets!) i imagined how living in a world made up of candies could be; i decided to describe what i had imagined in my story and to give, at the same time, a moral message, such as in a fairy tale…I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed it and please, keep on commenting posts, i would like to know what you think about them! Stay in touch:)

  3. Wow!! That is so cool! I think you are very good at writing!! You are fantastic! Definitely keep writing! I love reading your stories!!
    Hot chocolate?!?! Mmmmm!!! Very yummy! My favorite!! I am a writer also, and believe me I know how difficult it is to come up with ideas! Maybe we can help each other?! Hahaha. I need all the help I can get!

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