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Dots and lines

Before we get to the core of this week’s topic, let’s have some fun with the simplest of shapes… dots . . . . . . .    and lines ____________

Can you imagine a love story between… a dot and a line??? 😉

This is exactly what happens in The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, a funny book written and illustrated by Norton Juster in 1963.

It is a very delicate and funny story about a line who falls in love with a dot. The dot, however, thinks that the line is boring and is more interested in a doodle (you all remember what a doodle is, don’t you?) 😉

Well, the poor line is very sad, and tries to do something to win the love of the dot…. and so starts to bend himself, creating such incredibly complex shapes that the dot eventually realizes that the line is much more interesting than the doodle. And both lived happily thereafter…

A happy ending to this incredible story, then!

Did you know? A short film has been made out of this story, which you can watch here


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