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Earth Hour 2011

Remember to turn off all the lights, Tvs, computers, tonight at 20.30. It’s only for an hour. Light some candles, lie back and take some time for yourself. Relax. Think of what you will be doing in the next days, or next summer, or in your life. Stroke your dog or your cat. Talk to your dad, mum, brother or sister. Or to your grandma or grandpa. Look out of your window and watch the world outside. See if you can notice something new, or strange, or funny, interesting. Look at the stars, if the sky is clear. Think of our universe, or of parallel universes. Imagine other planets. How do you think the inhabitants on another planet could be like? Do you think they have pets? cars? do they live in houses? what about nature there… do you imagine woods, rivers, oceans, flowers, wild animals as here on Earth, or will there be different types of plants and animals? do you think there is a Jack-in-the-green there, too? do you think there are teachers and students like you and me? 😉

You see? The Earth Hour is nearly over. You have survived. And, what’s more important, you have been doing something for your planet.

Please drop by and leave a message here saying “I did it”.

Thank you from

Mother Earth



4 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. I was going to do this anyway, but passed on your message verbatim to a couple of online groups I belong to that reach far and wide. I sat and read by candle light – and noticed all the lights on in the neighbourhood. I had messages from friends who did it and who sat and talked with their family – enjoying the quiet.
    Hope you had a special time too!

    • Hi Ann, and welcome back!!!
      Thanks for your lovely message and for spreading the message in the post!
      I had a very nice, quiet and relaxing hour chatting with my daughter by candle light 🙂
      Hope to hear from you soon

  2. That’s great!

    Yes, I am still around – lurking. The thing that brought me here, the Amur Leopards, still have my interest. So much so, I ‘adopted’ one through the WWF. I am also Snow Leopard watching at the Zoo in Estonia too. 🙂

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