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Nuclear power

by Sidney

For many years scientists have been trying to find an alternative energy source that emits less harmful gases in the air and also is a renewable resource. One resource keeps scientists hopeful in finding an answer. This resource is Nuclear Power. There are many diverse opinions about whether using nuclear power is a good or bad choice. This paper will display the positives and negatives of using this resource.

Many people find the positives of using nuclear power without looking at how they could also cause problems. One of the positives of nuclear power is it emits low amounts of carbon dioxide in the air lowering the effect of global warming. Another positive is that it is readily available and does not have to be developed before it can be used. The last positive is that, it is possible to produce a high amount of electrical energy in a single plant. This means it takes less plants to create a lot of energy.

There are many negatives of using nuclear power as an alternative resource. For example, radioactive waste created must be carefully looked after 10,000 years after being discarded. It also causes high risks for destruction. No matter how secure a plant is, there will always be a small risk of destruction. Creating more nuclear plants will make it an easy target for terrorist attacks. With the rising usage of nuclear power, more waste will be created making nuclear weapons more abundant. The last negative aspect to this cause is, nuclear power uses uranium which is a scarce resource. Experts say Uranium is expected to last for another 30 to 60 years depending on the demand. Therefore, nuclear power is not in fact a renewable resource.

In conclusion, relying on nuclear energy will not make less problems, it will cause more problems in the future. Therefore, using nuclear power as a second resource instead of relying one hundred percent on this resource is a better choice.


One thought on “Nuclear power

  1. Hi Sidney! I agree with you: nuclear power is too dangerous for us and for future generations. I think that we could use other true renewable resource: for example the energy radiated by the SUN; especially here where the sun always shines, or nearly always does, solar pannels would work everywhere. Another resource is wind power for the production of electric energy, it’s also inexespensive. There’re many other kinds of alternative energy, such as hydroelectric energy (that taps the movement of water mass) or tidal energy (that uses the energy produced by the movements of tides), so why don’t we rely our future on safe and clean energy sources? What do you think about this “solution”?

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