a talent for writing / classroom snapshots

An exercise in 2nd person

What are you doing? You can’t surrender now! You must go there and show them what you can do! No one can dance like you do. So take a breath, take it long and deep, keep your head high and dance. All the lights are on you.  People’s eyes are looking at you, waiting for you.You, the diamond of the stages.But don’t think about  them, about their thoughts now, just  feel  as if you were alone. Dancing lets you feel like a star. A star must believe in itself, in its energy, in its dream.Good… start moving… Follow the music. It is your soul that is talking to you. Discharge all your pain, your sorrow, your anger in each movement, get the positive energy and show them the happiness for what you’re doing. Feel free. You are free, at this time. Free of dancing, free to give all of  yourself to the others. Your arms are like wings, they let you fly. Your steps are guided by the lightness of your heart: it is only one thing with your mind now. Be sure of what you’re doing and of  what you are. Each step is a word of a fairytale you’re telling. The soul of the music is running through your veins and you can move in its beats, you can hold it in yourself, being in control of it, you can’t let it go because it’s your moment, nothing else is around you. You, only you. The queen. No one can steal your scepter because you are stronger, now. You aren’t the little shy girl anymore, you’re shining on the stage… An instant…  all is already finished. The eternity of dance in a few minutes. Lights go down, the curtain closes. A quiet moment is interrupted by the fast beating of your heart, it seems like it wants to come out of your chest to express all its joy. Your breath is short, fatigue is your victory. The enthusiastic and warm applause that breaks out is your victory. For you, for your dance, the only thing that can tell your story, your life, what you are.

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