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A History of Fashion: from the Middle Ages to XIIth century

After Christianity was proclaimed  the state religion in 381 a. C.,  fashion became simple because the Church recommended  modesty as far as clothes were concerned: Saint Jerome criticized female excesses and Tertulliano defined  women  as “the devil’s door”!

There were long discussions about hair removal for men, because hair was considered  one of “God’s gifts”.  Perhaps for these reasons there wasn’t the necessity of a clear distinction between male and female fashion.

The clothes worn were made up of the “camicia” (a type of shirt) and  the “femoralia” (pants), both worn on the naked skin. A tunic with short sleeves and another with long sleeves were then worn over them.
Men continued to use trousers. There was a clear distinction between rich people (who also wore jewels and clothes embroidered with gold) and the poor (who usually had no shoes or  cloak).


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