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On Technology

I’d like to start making a distinction between what many of us think technology is and what I think technology actually is.

When we say “technology” we often think about  things that I’d better call digital, for example computers, cellphones and different electronic devices. All this  surely  is “technology”. However,  I think that when we pronounce this word we should think about ourselves,  and consider any type of development that we have produced.

Technology comes from the Greek “Tèchnè” (art) and “Logìa” (speech), which literally  means anything that can be said or done about an art. It is something that we need and  can’t do without.

A few days ago I read an article by an eminent American writer, photographer, conservationist and expert of digital culture: Kevin Kelly.

The title of the article was “We are technology” and I really agree with him. Kelly coined a word, “Technium” by which he includes all human inventions, all men’s mind-products , from the “banal” music to the iPod.

The first weapon that a human created from a stone to kill an animal is an example of technology. Seen from this point of view, according to me, technology can’t be absolutely considered something negative. On the contrary, it is something that we need to survive,  something vitally important and  something that is part of our being. Charles Darwin, in his “Origins of the species”,  explained that all creatures in the world need to change to adapt themselves to their environment and survive. This is technology, according to me, the ability that we humans have to make the most of our intelligence. Every invention comes from a necessity.

Surely there are also negative aspects, not less relevant. They are products of the corrupt part of human being. We can’t blame a gun for killing a man, it didn’t invent  itself, or we can’t blame television if millions of people spend their days sitting on the sofa eating tons of chips.

 So it should be our duty to take advantage of our inventions, using them to better the quality of our life.

If you are interested,  you can have a look at Kelly’s blog at www.kk.org

Ryder 😉

2 thoughts on “On Technology

  1. I think that technology is essentially good.
    In our history technology has had a very important role: we just have to think about the Industrial Revolution.
    This event changed people’s way of living, introducing new tools and new habits. Technology can make our
    lives easier, simplifying and solving a lot of problems. Using technology, in particular the Internet, we can obtain
    any information whenever we want. We can login to a whole world of knowledge in a moment.
    Technology also allows us to save time, because a lot of devices have multitasking functions. It’s not
    restricted to laboratories or industries, technology is in everybody’s home. Technology has an enormous
    potential, although I agree that “with great power comes great responsibility”. 😉

  2. I can’t imagine a life without technology: i think it’s part of us! Who doesn’t have a mobile phone? We use it from the moment we wake up till we go to bed. Before going on holiday or leaving, we always make sure that we have taken our digital camera with us. And more, what do we usually do when we go to school? Lots of guys listen to music, so they use mp3 players, ipods, radio…not to mention television; as you wrote, we spend a lot of time in front of it.
    So technology is deeply rooted in our lives thanks to its several advantages; however, it’s an “invaluable ally” if we use it with moderation, while it becomes a dangerous enemy if it’s used excessively or badly.

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