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Technology, again

What are the main positive and negative aspects of technology? Does actual scientific research always give us elements and opportunities for better life conditions?

Well, to me (and I think that a lot of people will agree) technology is a great thing.

Needless to say, my generation has lived, and today is still growing up, in a very prosperous period concerning “technological evolution”. Most of the recent and advanced “technological” devices were invented even before we were born, so we cannot figure out doing anything without them. More traditionalist people would probably choose to live without a great part of the contemporary gear, encouraging other ones to do the same.

Another point of view is that the more technology evolves in society, the weaker the population gets, unable to face the most common problems that the ancient generations could overcome with relative ease, without too much technology.

My personal opinion is different. Scientific research and new inventions can offer us lots of options and means, widening our horizon of possibilities, although the way we move among these possibilities can lead us to a better life… as well as to desperation.

The simple laws which govern men, like morality, awareness and common sense, can show us the way. Technology is an instrument. We have to control the instrument and we must not let it control us. Just like drugs.

That is my “apology” for the use of technology.

Now, on the other hand, regardless of how technology is being used, I would like to concentrate on a different aspect: should we blindly accept the newest discoveries and eliminate traditions? If we imagine “time” as a “linear concept”, like a train that proceeds only straight forward in a never-ending travel, should we forget about the things happened in the past?

I do not really disagree that excessive “mechanization” is going to soften and weaken our life styles. In reality, to me, putting aside technological development is not a solution.

Re-evaluating past habits and stressing their best aspects would be a very good compromise.

In order to really understand the value of the modern comforts, we need to know and appreciate the past, becoming “conscious” of our culture.

One thought on “Technology, again

  1. it’s very important to know past habits, our origins and above all who we are. Perhaps a life with less technology (living without it is impossible!) could help us to know ourselves better, what we really need and what we like doing instead of watching tv or surfing the net.

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