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Ready for Halloween?

Hi dear students!

October 31st is approaching… how are you going to spend Halloween, the spookiest night in the year? Dressing up as witches, skeletons, wizards and the like and go trick’n’treating or comfortably sitting on the sofa telling spooky stories by the candle light? Are you going to have one of those Halloween dishes like goblin’s feet, gingerbread skeletons or witches’ fingers? 🙂

What do you remember about this festival, its origins and traditions? Time to revise last year’s posts? 😉

(you can find them in the “festivals and traditions” section, by the way)

Enjoy this year’s posts on this very peculiar festival!

teacher b.


One thought on “Ready for Halloween?

  1. I think I won’t dress up, but I do have a vision about Halloween….I see a (well, actually, more than one!) beer box in my mind when I think about it…..but, OF COURSE I really DON’T know the reason of my vision…xD

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