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Happy HalloWINE

Remember Tabes the dwarf and his adventures?

Tabes always celebrates Halloween going from house to house asking for a trick or a treat.

The only strange thing is that he is a 247-year-old dwarf, but because of his height and his particular way of dressing, he looks like a boy dressed up for Halloween. Every year, using expedients or threats, Tabes manages to get an enormous booty of sweets and pistachios from his victims.

One Halloween, the most profitable of the previous years, the Devil, seeing how Tabes the dwarf was cheating his villagers, decided to punish him, and sent the Reaper, the Dark Lord, Death in person for him!

While Tabes had completed the route around the town he found in front of his eyes Death, who was holding a sickle and a blacklist. On top of the list there was Tabes’s name, but he didn’t feel afraid, and decided to play a joke on Death! He asked him for a last wish, “Can we have a drink together?”, he said, and Death accepted.

Tabes went to Ronzino’s inn, his favourite bar, and managed to make Death drunk. He took advantage of the situation and he persuaded the Reaper to sign a contract, which established that during the day of Halloween he (Tabes) would have played the role of Death.

The Devil, in order to punish the artful dwarf, made all the bottles of wine which were on Earth disappear (everybody knows that Tabes loves wine). Without his favourite drink the dwarf went crazy and began to kill every person he saw, even if they weren’t on the list. Hell filled rapidly and the Devil was forced to make all the bottles of wine reappear.

Remember, dear children, that if you see a dwarf dressed up as a Reaper, and he isn’t drunk, you have to run away, because the contract is still valid! 


Skanta_Man and Giuseppe C


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