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A love for trains: from high speed to night trains

by Simon

Hello everybody! 😉

My name is Simon and I’m really crazy for trains!

Trains have always been my passion. Since I was a child I loved it when my parents and I went to visit my grandmother in Cremona by train. I loved looking out of the window during the night, and see the night-lit towns and natural landscapes running by. For this reason I have decided to post you a little search on trains in my nation. I hope you’ll like it.


Trains are one of the most popular land transportation means. With the development of technology, people can take advantage of High Speed Rail, that is used for the fastest trains in the world.
Frecciarossa (or ETR500) trains connect Turin – Milan – Bologna – Rome – Naples – Salerno.

This high-speed train can travel at 220 mph (or over 300 km/h). There are over 72 daily connections among cities, some of which are non-stop service. This train was (in 2009) a great Italian railways revolution because it was able to connect Rome with Milan in only 2h and 59 minutes!
The Frecciargento (or ETR600) trains connects Rome to Venice, Verona, Bari, Lecce, Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria. Frecciargento trains can reach the speed of 155 mph (or 250 km/h) thanks to a modern transformation of the old mechanic parts of the so called “Pendolino”, and they can travel at high-speed on traditional lines. 🙂
The Frecciabianca trains offer service on traditional lines from Milan to: Venice, Udine e Trieste, Genoa and Rome, and down to Bari and Lecce. Frecciabianca trains can reach the speed of 125 mph (or 200 km/h).

These trains are called in this way to highlight  not only the possibility of high-speed on normal lines, but also the big comfort of the passenger necessary for journeys which take a lot of time.
Eurostar Italia (from the name of the French and English Eurostar trains) are trains connecting Rome to Ancona, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria, Perugia, Ravenna, Rimini, Taranto. Intercity trains connect the main cities in Italy offering a good quality travel. With 86 daily connections, Intercity trains now reach 200 stations in Italy.
Night Trains have both traditional seating and sleeping compartments, often called couchettes. These services offer travelers a versatile way to travel in the country, especially on longer journeys.

Unfortunately, Italian Railways have decided to suppress lots of these trains because they are too expensive for the State. Italian travellers are very angry with him but in my opinion this situation cannot be solved.  😦

I have always considered night trains with their small bed-compartments as a big “travelling-house” and I loved to be lulled in my bed thanks to the movements of the train on the tracks. When we stopped in a station, I carefully watched the people outside: how many different realities, how many stories and lives met in those places! And when I was tired, I listened to music with my iPod and I began to dream. And now it’s always the same, I have the same feelings, the same passion, the only difference is that NOW I have a serious project in my life: to be a railway man!

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