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What is Christmas?

Thoughts on Christmas by Simon

The reason for this festivity is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Only this? No… Christmas is more. This is the moment in which humanity becomes generous and understanding!

Charles Dickens in his famous classic  “A Christmas Carol” tells us about the true values of family, and indeed in families the Christmas spirit is born every year! On the night of 24th December mothers, fathers and their children sit by the fireplace, waiting for the arrival of the famous Santa Claus. They hope in a better future without wars, years of serenity and health…they hope that sadness may become happiness!

Unfortunately if at first the reason for this festivity was to remember the birth of Jesus, now for lots of adults Christmas is becoming only an opportunity to buy lots of presents, and also children and young people, year by year, have lost the true meaning of Christmas because of progress, economic well-being, and all the technological instruments that today surround us. They consider Christmas the occasion in which they will receive presents and have fun.

Today, in my opinion, only a small number of people really lives these days celebrating them with the love of their parents and their friends… 😦

I have noticed  that we are also losing the tradition of the crib that, year by year, is becoming less common.

I hope that people (in particular this Christmas with the Italian economic crisis) will learn to appreciate small things and true values, too.

My best wishes for a Merry Christmas!


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