a talent for writing

Thinking of Winter…

The holidays are about to end and we’ll soon have to return to school… But I want you to relive for a few moments the magic and mysterious atmosphere of these days with some lines I wrote thinking of the current season of Winter.  Hope you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

Signs of Winter

The hot summer sun has already scorched the leaves,

brown, red, orange, yellow they were on the trees

and Autumn has taken them away from their branches,

He’s made them fall down on the bare ground…

Comes on December with its white mantle,

blows on us with its icy breathing;

the morning is short, the sun goes down early

and the moon takes its place to guide our dreams.

Nature seems dead: the animals are sleeping in their little dens,

the frozen plants are silently surviving the cold season,

waiting for March to revive and show their coloured flowers.

Snowflakes fly light in the air,

moved by the sound of the fighting winds

and then, weary, they settle down after their dance.

The feeble sunbeams warm the little red noses

of children playing in the snow,

chasing each other or dressing the snowman with a hat and a scarf.

At home, by the warmth of the fireplace,

mum and dad are telling fantastic stories to their children,

while outside rain drops on people’s faces

their eyes rapidly searching for the way back home.

Then Christmas comes bringing joy and peace

for black and for white, for rich and for poor

and Santa Claus, dear old, with his loyal reindeer,

makes everyone happy with a gift, big or small,

travelling all night on his sleigh

above the roofs all over the world.

This is Winter, now you know,

one of the seasons, “Nice to meet you!”,

that with its cold, big embrace

takes another year away!

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