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An art to feel good

Today I want to tell you about the positive effects of  singing, the art that I study and love.
This activity, one of the most ancient forms of expression, isn’t, in fact, only a succession of sounds ordered to form a melody, but also a way to feel good.

1)    When you sing, you calm down
Singing produces relax. When we think, our vocal chords are in activity, even if they form silent words. If they are occupied to produce a sound, they mustn’t simultaneously create the words that compose our thoughts.
You don’t need a song: vocalizations have the same effect.
So, if sometimes you need to relax, sing!

2)    The movements that you do when you sing are healthy for your body
They’re perfect to exercise all the muscles, in particular your heart and  abdominal.
They’re a good help if you want to have a more correct posture.

3)  Everyone has the chance to sing
Because everyone has the chance to sing, according to me those who don’t sing lose an opportunity. (Do you agree?)

4)    Remember that singing gives happiness
Someone said that “We sing to cancel the suffering of the spirit. And if the adversities of life aren’t striking me, they are striking someone else.”

0 thoughts on “An art to feel good

  1. Maybe if we don’t sing we lose an opportunity to relax, but people who have to listen to people who sing atrociously (like me, I’m only a singer in the shower) will save instants of life!

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